How Do You Get The Universe To Bring You A Soul Mate?

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I hear from a lot of single baby boomers.

The stories they tell me are filled with drama and undeserved misfortune and yet…they still believe in romance-packagesLOVE.  Against all odds, these wonderful, gifted, precious people hang on to the dream that their TRUE LOVE is out there somewhere….waiting to be found.

If that is you….I believe in you and in your dream.
So, dear reader….if you want to know how the Universe can serve you in your search, here are some practical steps:

1.  You have to get clear on what you want.
I can’t tell you how many people I talk to have a devil of a time telling me what it is they want in a partner.  Take some time and allow yourself to explore exactly what your life will be like when HE or SHE is here.  Where will you go to eat?  What will you do on Friday nights?  Be detailed.  Dream.  Create your ideal relationship and write it down.  The Law of Attraction is waiting for you to get clear on what you want!

2.  You have to take action. Being honest with yourself about your fears and doubts about creating a sustainable relationship is crucial.  Sometimes it is painful to let your desires have full expression.  The fear that it might not happen can squelch your power to attract the very thing you so desperately desire.  There are countless tools available to address past disappointments.  Try using Google.  Type:  “How can I get over my past relationships so I can meet my soul mate?” into the search window.  You will be amazed at the resources that are available to you.

3.  You have to get out of your house. Join something.  Anything.  I recently visited a wonderful meditation class.  The people there are an interesting crowd.  It is small, usually, no more than 7 or 8 people but the connections are sweet and soul-satisfying.  One woman was cleaning up and purging a lot of her stuff…another woman there needed the EXACT stuff she was getting rid of.  An exchange of phone numbers followed.  One woman’s trash…..another’s treasure!  You never know who you will meet when you choose to go somewhere.  Could your soul mate be there?  Maybe.  Or could be someone there has a brother or cousin who is your next contact.

4.  You have to embrace exploration and experiment with who crosses your path.
I had a fabulous conversation with Siona van Dyjk about online dating.  She had such a refreshing perspective.  She loves the online dating experience because it allowed her to explore the dating landscape.  She set up simple coffee dates and used the meetings to pick men’s brains about their take on the whole dating scene.  She didn’t need the prospects to be “The One.”  In fact, when that element was taken off the table, she genuinely enjoyed the men she met!  Now she is engaged.  Sweet.

5.  Just Do It. The Universe…Source….Divine….whatever you call that which is undefinable, is waiting for you to ask.  Create a journal just for asking for what you want.  Don’t worry about your wording.  Don’t try to be perfect.  Just write from your heart.  Tell the Universe what you want and be clear and precise.  Amazing things happen when you get specific and let yourself want what you want.  I believe that when a vision for your future comes into your mind that you have the creative power to make that happen.  Stay true to those desires and follow your intuitive leanings.  Get out and meet people.  Stay focused on what you desire and be alert to the “coincidences” that are sure to follow.

There you have it.  The desire of your heart is leading you surely and steadily to an amazing series of events that will delight you. If you end up at a rest stop now and then, that is ok.  Just make sure to get back out there as soon as you are ready!  There is some real magic available…just you wait and see!

Do you wonder if your Soul Mate Magnet is strong enough to attract love? Contact me and I will be happy to help you feel your own magnetism and if it is strong enough to bring your ideal match.


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