Dating Advice For Smart People

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Do you have a pesky little voice inside telling you that you will never be loved, that there are no sane people out there to date or worst of all, that it is too late to find love?

Did you realize that every time you hear that voice, a part of you knows it isn’t true and is fighting to keep your hope alive! That part knows you are ready for new love.

The reason your inner voice keeps telling you these things is that your life has been full of broken promises and dashed dreams.

That is because no one ever taught you how to use your natural chemistry or sexual charisma to connect with people, the right people.  The ones who get you and accept you.

Most people feel sensational once they learn how to create attraction.  That’s right, you can learn how to create chemistry so you can radiate energy and send out a vibe that people want more of.

Imagine this is you....

Imagine this is you….

Here is what coaching will do for you because all these are skills you can practice and apply quickly:

  • unblock your natural confidence and be in control of the love, sex and intimacy part of your life.
  • bring out your inner flirt and develop your sexual charisma so potential partners approach YOU.
  • develop your sexual self concept – who you are as a sexual partner to your new lover.
  • inspire sexual attraction, emotional and physical chemistry in people of the opposite sex.
  • identify and break patterns of negative thinking that have brought the wrong partners to your life.
  • quickly assess and weed out the partners that aren’t right for you.
  • discover your true romantic value and what partners are looking for.

We’re ready to work together if:

  • You’re a smart & capable person, but know you need a shift in your perspective about love and/or sex.
  • You’re ready to commit to your pleasure potential in relationships and alone.
  • You’re open to feedback and have a willingness to push past your comfort zone.
  • You are ready for your last first date.
  • You’re patient with yourself and the process

What if learning to create attraction is easier than you think?

Here is what do:  Contact me for a free consultation and tell me your story:


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