How To Manifest Faster

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12227593_1076359439049946_297958202600022988_nWhat if you could make the Law of Attraction manifest faster?

Just like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, YOU have the power to speed up the process. You’ve had it all along.

You hold the key in the words you speak to talk about your life, your goals, your hopes and your dreams.

What if HOW you tell your story makes what you really want manifest faster?

You can choose low vibrating words (abandoned, depressed, confused, lost, alone), or  high vibrating words (independent, inspired, clarity, connected, together) when you talk about your circumstances.

What you attract is an exact representation of the FEEL of the language you use.

Learn to state your past story and future hopes with high vibrating words and watch your life change.

Imagine yourself 6 months from now using new words to describe your life and all you have manifested!!

Here are some examples of how powerfully telling a new story works to align yourself with the positive flow of energy that makes magic happen.

Version 1:  My husband was an alcoholic.  He died of cirrhosis of the liver and I was with him to the very end.

Manifest Faster Version:  My husband had his share of issues.  Unfortunately, he lost the battle and I was with him to the very end.

Version 1: My ex-husband cheated on me with my best friend.

Manifest Faster Version:  My ex and I had good times and bad and eventually the good times disappeared. It took some time to process everything that happened but I can say for sure that I am better off without him.

Version 1: I just don’t like my daughter-in-law, she is close minded and keeps my son away from me.

Manifest Faster Version:  Even though my son chose a woman that I don’t understand, he obviously cares for her and I want him to be happy. (*WARNING* If you start telling stories like this, stories that tell the truth in a slightly different way, your life is going to change!!)

If you have been working hard at something that is not getting traction, it is critical to find out why.  Trying to launch a career, get a promotion, make a relationship better, lose weight, restore a broken relationship, whatever it is, ask yourself this: “Do I replay a painful rendition of a past event in my mind?”  If so, you will feel tremendous relief when you spin that painful story to a truthful but more neutral version.

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